Pact Trading 12cm Boat Oar Bamboo Skewer 100pc


Bamboo Boat Skewer 120mm 100/PKT





Bamboo Boat Oar Skewer.

This budget boat skewer is a spectacular way to serve food, go for the WOW factor when serving your catering.

Original and eco-chic catering pieces! Bring style to your cocktails and appetisers, finger food serves and antipasto picks. Great for cheese platters too.

Perfect for adding a finishing touch to coctails and will make any food look especially tasty and attractive.

Made from bamboo, a renewable sustainable material.

Feel good about using these products, they are food safe and  100% biodegradable and compostable.

Product Details
Bamboo Boat Oar Skewer 120mm
UOM Contents: 100/PKT