#16 Checkout Brown Bag 390×240 250pc (1)



Shamrock #16 Checkout Bag Brown


They have a Kraft matt finish giving them a perfect surface for labels or stamps.

Get your groceries home safely with sturdy, gusseted paper bags. Self-opening thumb notches increase ease of use

An economical selection for busy grocery stores and other high-traffic environments. Sturdy paper bags.

Economical selection for busy grocery  stores and other high-traffic environments and they provide a   convenient solution for packing takeaway snack boxes and sealed drinks.

Alternative to plastic bag

Paper Carry bags are available in various sizes for both takeaway and retail applications.

For use with carrying dry food/goods / Gifts

Free standing for easy packing and filling
Recyclable and biodegradable

Shamrock #16 SOS Bag Brown 390×240+120 250/CTN