O’Kelly #8 Petite Brown Bag 250pc (1)


#8 Petite Brown Bag with Handle  250/CTN

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#8 Petite Brown Bag

Paper Carry bags are available in various sizes for both takeaway and retail applications.

For use with carrying dry food/goods / Gifts

Brown Kraft  paper carrier bag with paper twisted handles for added strength. These bags have a wonderful eco look to them perfect for that handmade, rustic chic finish to your products.

Easy to handle and made with stronger paper, these bags are designed for carrying multiple items efficiently.
Reinforced paper handles
provide extra carrying strength
Free standing for easy packing and filling
Recyclable and biodegradable

They have a Kraft matt finish giving them a perfect surface for labels or stamps.


Product Details
#8 Petite Brown Bag
UOM Contents: 250/CTN