O’Kelly Foam Dinner Clam 3 Comp 200pc (1)


Foam Dinner Clam – 3 Compartment


Foam 3-compartment packs feature excellent heat insulation, leak resistance, closure tabs, flexibility and stackability. Perfect for meals where food portions can be combined and served as a whole meal in their respective compartments

  • Suitable option for take away hot or cold food applications.
  • Exhibit excellent heat insulation properties meaning food can be maintained at its serving temperature ensuring quality and taste for hot or cold food.
  • Resistant to leakage and provides great closure via tabs.
  • Flexible and stackable qualities also make it ideal for the fast paced take away shop.
  • Perfect for serving burgers, chicken / lamb / beef and chips combinations in addition to salads, pasta, rice and cold seafood like prawns, octopus and calamari.
  • Colour: White
    Quantity: 200
    Extra Features: 3-Compartments