3 Long Brown Bag O’Kelly 500pc (1)


Shamrock 3 Long Brown Bag 265×203 500/PKT


O’Kelly 3 Long Brown Bag

Take Away Paper Bags  are dependable, cheap and recyclable. They are used in cafes, takeaways, bakeries and sandwich shops for serving various types of sandwiches, rolls and bakery products. Also in our paper bag range are our foil lined paper bags which offer great resistance to grease and oil while maintaining the freshness of hot food as well as Grease proof lined bags for greasy foods such as Potato Cakes and Chips

All of our unlined bags are also available in White in various sizes ranging from 1/2 long to 8 Long or 1/2 Sq to 6 Sq in Brown

Whatever your food packaging requirements, you are sure to find a suitable size for your takeaway orders.

Lined and Unlined bags often used by fish and chips shops, sandwich shops, cafes and takeaway shops and are perfect for serving takeaway sweets, breads, sandwiches, focaccias, rolls, muffins, cookies and covering paper food trays

Packaged in plastic-wrapped bundles

Paper sourced from sustainable, managed plantations

Recyclable and biodegradable

Brand: Shamrock
Product Details
Shamrock 3 Long Brown Bag 265×203
UOM Contents: 500/PKT